Friday, August 25, 2006

Test post - Just pottering around

"Just Pottering Around" is a favourite expression of mine. Pottering around... what does that say I'm doing?
reading potter?
on pot?
on the pot?
Like metrosexual doesn't mean liking kinky stuff on underground trains, pottering around doesn't mean any of the above, this means I'm just doing nothing special...just pottering around.

Like I'm doing right know.

For example, what would a picture of a starbucks coffee be doing in this post if I weren't just pottering around. Get the idea? I'm sure you do.

Why surprised by sin? I'm still not over it - the loss of innocence that took place during the two years of my post graduation. I was stripped of idealism, surprised by the lack of it in others, became cynical, then forced to un-cynicise.
Hey!!! gotcha!! Just pottering around

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Anonymous said...

now I see it..