Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Piped Music..... in my Office!!

There is a very democratic quality to the music that wafts through the corridors of my consulting office. From kitschy baby sounds, to pavarotti to carnatic to japanese tunes to something quite zulu-like. Its continuous, sometimes tinny sometimes crystal clear sometimes danceable, starts at about 8.00 in the morning and is shut off at about 8.00 in the evening. Heyyyy.... waitaminute....
:D oh yeah...oh caught on.. music in offices?? that too a consulting one??.
One second everyone was blissfully involved with steel companies, video technologies and process flows and the next, everyone is looking accusingly at a person embarrassedly shutting of a phone call he just made. The culprit? A rather tinny "O mere sona re.." from the caller tune of a client on speaker phone.
Nowadays its not just the ringing tone of your phone that makes a statement about you...its also your caller tune. Its become a minor business of its own what with Airtel coming out with its songcatcher thingamajig that can make 15 seconds of just about any noise your caller tune.
The problem in my office being, everyone dials numbers routinely on speaker phonefor conferences which usually gave those nice soft safe sounding rings now suddenly blasts unsuspecting Consultants with Iron Maiden, Shakira, totoboy, wirepins(!)... and horrendously..BappiDa.

Grey haired and Subject matter experts and friends of Prince Charles and Stephen Hawking are routinely blasted. Do they cringe??? NO sireee.. They hold out their own blackberries to do the Songcatcher thingy.

For a better experience of music in office logon to the one of the best freesites I've ever seen.

and have awesome fun. Yeah but I warn you, you'll be clogging up bandwidth in your office. we care...:D

Finally do ring/caller tunes really make a statement? Honestly they do. And they're almost always negative unless your taste matches exactly..yes, exactly, with the person you're calling. Mostly Caller/Ring tunes elicit chuckles and not gasps of admiration as we'd like to believe. You know that and I know that.. its just that we'd like to believe otherwise :D

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