Friday, December 21, 2007

Bringing the House down

The joke's going around and call me unoriginal if you will or a plagiariser if you must but when I first heard of the white house fire, the same cynical soundbyte that must've hit other anti-bushies hit me too :)
The Fire
A true to type entirely unnecessary - Time's history of white house fires

The grapevine (not mine.. just some grapevine out there) has it that Cheney's office was having its regular burning of video-tapes, audio-tapes from Obama's bedroom to Guantanamo bay and his personal files in one of the many fireplaces in the annexe when the super-duper-ultra-secret box-of-never-to-be-seen artifacts was also dropped into the fire. Sadly, the box contained the remnants of the shotgun scatter that dear Dick pumped into the behind of the unfortunate "friend" he mistook for a giant orange emu. The pellets showed their indignation at having to face the heat after comfortable lodgings in a lawyer and then in a super secure box that they promptly proceeded to burn the place down. Of course all this is unsubstantiated rumour :D

At the cost of more plagiarism from people wittier than me, the pellets were actually the much-vaunted WMDs that no one ever found and they didn't manage to nail Saddam but they certainly managed a Lawyer and the White House (annexe... yeah... but nevertheless) as a parting shot (pardon the pun, but that was inevitable :D)
In other reports, Cheney is planning to take Hillary and Obama on a trip to a ranch with lotsa game. And other representatives and Senators who've been at the receiving end of Cheney's colourful language on the floor are rather relieved. Patrick Leahy commented that "In retrospect, it looks like I got off easy."
And in addendum to the below pic, we can now safely add setting fire to your underwear to eventually engulf you will be the 12th (the 11h being pumping you with lead birdshot)

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