Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Passing of Gods

Two of the world's most beautiful people, Gods in their own right, two of my favourite people among people I don't know personally passed on to be present only as memories, within a year of each other.

I don't have the capacity or depth to eulogise them but I certainly love them enough to mourn their passing.

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul became the stuff of memories on 25th of december 2006 and Luciano Pavarotti one of the greatest modern tenors did the same today the 6th of september 2007.

"Sex Machine" will get my adrenaline going till I die and I'll lip synch with Pavarotti as he does "Volare", veins in my neck straining till I've got my hearing.

I'm not particularly proud of the one time these two of my favourite musical stars came together on stage

:D but Pavarotti had this penchant for being "featured" with the greatest stars not that being "featured" meant he was second billed. As far as I know except for James Brown, Sinatra and Barry White, everyone else only had their thunder stolen by the tenor :D

And no one will be particularly proud of "Yes, Giorgio", his one venture into movies.. more nominations for the Raspberry than anything else :)

James though had a few appearances, all of them reasonably successful.

My favorite? Beat The Devil... not your run of the mill appearance though

The clip also proves Clive Owen can't fake a laugh to save his life :D

A life brilliantly and colourfully lived is something that binds them together. They are two of those who would encourage us to smile and remember them for lives well lived.

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